All the work you see on this website is my own. Photographs and films, words, drawings, music and and any other forms of expansion that I cannot now think of right now, are all part of my presence in this world. Some of it is commissioned by brands or other creative minds, others are endeavours of my own resolution, and many, attempts of a more worthy existence.


Since coherence is the subterfuge of the unimaginative, please do not expect to find it here.



There is a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in.
- Leonard Cohen



João Sousa
Porto, Portugal. 1983.
Born in Porto, João is a photographer and filmmaker with a background in visual and editorial communication and a passion for inspiring characters, cultural landscapes and outdoors life.
His documental mind falls recurrently on the mystery of wilderness, roads and life by it. His camera usually follows.
Le-Joy is the label where João connects with other independent creative people to produce engaging commercial content that brings clients and their audiences together through alternative visual languages.
Through both his commercial and independent work he aims to inspire others to stare and move at the same time.


Clients and collaborations include

André Tentugal, Belinda Baggs, Best Youth, Claus Porto, Deeply, Esquire Magazine, HBD, Lightning Bolt, Optimus, Parfois, Portuguese Flannel, R2 design, Red Bull, This Is Pacifica, Toyota, Umbro and We Trust.



There is a store section with archival glicee prints of selected photographs available. For further enquires please email